International HIV/AIDS programs linked to the Levy Laboratory

HIV/AIDS is a global epidemic that is surpassing, in numbers of people affected, all other epidemics to hit humankind. Last year, over 2 million people were infected worldwide and over 60 million people have been infected since the first recognition of AIDS in 1981. The Levy laboratory works with various groups throughout the world in combating HIV infection through research directed at developing approaches for treatment and prevention.

Australia: Dr. Ronald Penny

China: (Peoples Republic of): Dr. Yiming Shao

Cuba: Dr. Gustavo Kouri

Dominican Republic: Dr. Ellen Koenig

Ethiopia: Dr. Levy is Scientific Advisor to the People to People, The American/Ethiopian AIDS Initiative

France: Dr. Francoise Barre-Sinoussi

Germany: Dr. Barbara Schmidt

India: Dr. Levy is advisor to the government on vaccines

Italy: Dr. Mario Clericil Dr. Giuliano Rizzarini

Israel: Dr. Avi Levy

Indonesia: Dr. Tuti Merwati

Japan: Dr. Tatsuo Shioto

Malawi: Dr. William Rankin. Dr. Levy is advisor to the Global Interfaith AIDS initiative (GIAI)

Mexico: Dr. Gustavo Reyes-Teran

Sweden: Dr. Jan Andersson

Thailand: Dr. Surasing Visrutaratna: Dr. Levy had a mother-to-child transmission program in Caiang Mai